Consider having us repair your foundation. Your foundation may be in need of repair if any of the following is true:

  • If you’ve experienced flooding in or around your house
  • You could have an underlying foundation problem if there are cracks in the floor, gaps in floorboards, or if the floor becomes uneven
  • Standing water can be hugely detrimental to your foundation
  • Roof leaks (Although this can be caused by other factors, it can also be a sign that your house has shifted)
  • Diagonal cracks in windows (When windows have diagonal cracks, it points to a foundational issue as well)
  • Improperly functioning windows and doors could mean problems with your house’s foundation
  • Hairline cracks on walls are normal. However, anything more than a ¼ inch should be worrisome
  • Cracks in the foundation around your house (This could be because of settling, but it's safe to check it nonetheless)

Call us  if you have noticed any of the signs mentioned above.

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